Our approach engages both the Technical and Commercial functions for clients.  

Our dynamic, multi-skilled team have over 25 years in water treatment solutions and apply broad expertise and capabilities to solving and providing solutions to some of the toughest water challenges facing industry.  

With wealth of experience working with water, we help you anticipate and prevent hazards, deliver opportunities and minimise risks from all types of water operations.      

Continuing to forge professional, lasting relationships with our clients, technology partners and other key stakeholders.  

Strong focus always on reliability, safety and performance.

Divergent Thinkers. Nimble, Versatile Approach.


Modern, trusted Australian company, AquaVoda operates nationally and internationally supporting

 our clients and technology partners.    

Managing Director, Craig Dickson is one of Australia’s most respected water treatment specialists.    

Renowned for his easy-going style, reputation for highest standards and for “looking at water differently”.


Clear, defensible core values and a collaborative proud culture, our focus is always on reliability, quality and safety.  Versatile, flexible in our thinking and approach; paying attention to the detail in high-pressure, deadline-driven environments.