•  Water for Non-Water Managers

Aimed at people who have responsibility for water but might not have a technical background in the topic. This course covers the basics of water for potable, wastewater and process applications and provides insight into the various treatment options available.

Duration:     Half or full-day courses available.

•  Modernising Water Systems

Aimed at day to day decision makers in the business, i.e. project managers, engineers and line managers who are looking to bring their water treatment operations up to speed. We give insight into the latest regulatory requirements and discuss the latest, cutting-edge treatment options that are available.

Duration:     Half or full-day courses available.

•  Evolving the Water Footprint

Aimed at executive level, working with organisations that are conscious of the impact that water usage has on their social licence to operate. We cover ways in which you can help move your industry forward, reducing your Water Footprint and future-proofing your business in an era of increasing competition for this precious resource.Understand where water fits in your business risk-profile and understanding its role as either a limiting factor or an enabler of growth.

Duration:     A full day, interactive session.

•  Customised training also available

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